Head Muk 20 in 1 Miracle Treatment


The complete leave in treatment for all hair types. For best results apply to towel dried hair.

  1. Softens and smoothes 
  2. Adds incredible shine 
  3. Prevents frizz and fly away hair 
  4. Nourishes dry, damaged hair 
  5. Helps prevent split ends 
  6. Reduces hair breakage 
  7. Protects against premature colour fade 
  8. Will not weigh hair down
  9. Detangles
  10. Protects against heat when using thermal styling tools 
  11. Helps strengthen hair 
  12. Adds volume 
  13. Protects against salt water, chlorine and environmental damage 
  14. Reduces blow-drying time 
  15. Moisturises 
  16. Locks out humidity 
  17. Defines curls 
  18. Increases hair’s elasticity 
  19. Soothes dry scalp 
  20. Enhances natural body 

Contains Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein and Wheat Starch.

Passionfruit & Watermelon fragrance.

Hints and tips

Apply to towel dried, damp hair. Do not rinse out. Style as usual.

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