Fat Muk Volume System


The Fat Muk Volumiser range adds fullness and shine, volume and texture whilst thickening and strengthening. It expands the hair shaft to create amazing body for fine and limp hair. Gentle and suitable for all hair types including dry and damaged hair.

Consists of:

  • Fat Muk Volumising Shampoo 300ml
  • Fat Muk Volumising Conditioner 300ml
  • Fat Muk Volumiser 250ml

To purchase the items individually would cost £37.85

Special Fat Muk System price £32.00 (save £5.85!)

Alpine Mist fragrance

Hints and tips

Use a about a teaspoonful of Fat Muk shampoo and massage gently into the hair roots, covering the whole scalp, working through to the ends. massage with the flat of the hand as the shampoo only needs to be in contact with the hair for 30 seconds to clean thoroughly. Rinse well with lukewarm water.
Remove excess moisture and apply Fat Muk Conditioner. Leave in for up to 5 minutes when extra conditioning is desired. Rinse thoroughly and finish with you favourite Muk styling products.

For extra volume and lift apply Fat Muk Volumiser to towel dried, shampooed and conditioned hair. Apply liberally to the roots and mid-lengths. Leave in and style as desired.

If you use a blow dryer Don't forget Fat Muk Blow Out Mousse where the extra hold non-sticky formula is ideal for blow-waving with volume and holding curls.

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