Deep Muk Ultra Soft Care System


Deep Muk Ultra Soft leaves hair silky soft and shiny whilst replacing nutrients and moisture. Gentle enough for everyday use and suitable for all hair types.

Consists of:

  • Deep Muk Ultra Soft Shampoo 300ml
  • Deep Muk Ultra Soft Conditioner 300ml
  • Deep Muk Ultra soft Leave In  Conditioner 250ml
  • Deep Muk Ultra Soft 1 Minute Treatment 200ml

To purchase the products individually costs £51.80. 

Special Ultra Soft System price £40.50 Save £11.30!

Hints and tips

Use a small amount of shampoo (about a teaspoonful) rinse thoroughly, repeat if necessary. Remove excess moisture and apply Deep Muk Conditioner. Leave in for up to 5 minutes when extra conditioning is required. Rinse thoroughly then style with your favourite Muk styling products.

Use Deep Muk 1 Minute Treatment weekly, or more regularly on extremely damaged hair. Apply to freshly shampooed damp (not wet) hair. Process for 1-3 minutes then rinse and finish with you favourite Muk styling products.

Deep Muk Leave In Conditioner can be applied to towel dried shampooed and conditioned hair for an extra boost. It is a great 2nd/3rd day refresher and nutrient hit.

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