Deep Muk Ultra Soft 1 Minute Treatment


Described as "a life saver" by professional salons around the country Deep 1 Minute Treatment will:

Increase softness and shine
Restore hair’s elasticity, hydrates and strengthens
Replace lost nutrients and moisture
Elasticity is restored creating strong, healthy hair
Suitable for all hair types, including hair extensions

HAIR TEXTURE: Medium to Coarse
SOLUTION: Hydration, Smoothing, Frizz Control, Colour Care, Repair, Shine

Hints and tips

Apply to towel dried hair that has been freshly shampooed with Deep muk Ultra Soft Shampoo. Completely coat the hair and allow it to process for just 1 minute, or up to 3 minutes if hair is extra dry or damaged. Rinse thoroughly and finish with Deep muk Ultra Soft Conditioner if desired. Use weekly, or for extremely damaged hair use every shampoo.


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